Self-checkout kiosks were an offensive idea to me in the beggining. The way I saw it, this is going to take jobs away from humans and it did. I tried like hell to keep doing my checkouts with store employees but I soon realized they don't value my time. People are just too slow and I can do this a lot faster.

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I started using the kiosks and getting used to getting in-and-out of stores in a hurry. I think that is about to change, again because big retailers are having too many problems with theft.

According to MSN major U.S. retailers (many here in CT) are about to lean away from self-checkout kiosks. The May 4, 2024 article titled: "Retailers Shake Up Self-Checkouts to Curb Irritation-And Theft" says:

Some retailers are pulling kiosks out of stores as a way to keep a lid on theft. Others, including Target, Dollar General and the regional grocery chain Schnucks, have limited how many items customers can bring to self-checkouts to avoid bottlenecks and alleviate headaches for staff.

The article goes on to say that Walmart and Five Below already began removing the self-checkout stations earlier this year.

I hate robots, I hate A.I. and I hate A.I. enabled robots even more. I think this all ends poorly for humans but I'm no longer debating this with people who want to laugh at my Terminator 2 references. Laugh all you want, in 15-20 years it's not going to be very funny for anyone but enjoy knowing things.

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