This guy, deservedly so, is in a world of hurt down the road in terms of both criminal and civil litigation. This is according to the legal correspondent of the Ethan and Lou Show, Liz Hudak. Here's what she had to say about it:

For what it's worth, a silver lining may be appearing here in Hollywood. In the wake of the allegations, and talk about Harvey Weinstein's disgusting, "alleged" behavior, comes a lot of old Hollywood secrets coming to the surface. This, hopefully, is the death nail in the "casting couch" culture that has existed in the "Hills" for decades.

This is the seedy, underbelly of Hollywood that we all knew was there but could not put a face to. Now, no one who did these deeds, no matter how long ago, is safe. Their secrets are coming to light and it's about time.

These aggressive, brazen, "alleged" acts were kept secret for so long. That means a lot of people looked the other way. A lot of people in Hollywood, who so badly want us to believe they are decent humans, pretended not to see or hear anything about this behavior. If these allegations are true, there are a lot of people who stuck their heads in the sand rather than deal with this.

Harvey is going down.

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