It sure is ice cream season in Connecticut.

I just wrote an article about how some of the state's favorite creameries were officially open for the season. I've said it once and I'll say it again. We are extremely lucky when it comes to ice cream in this state. We really do have some of the absolute best.

Now with that, I've come to learn that we also sell some of the worst. I am very big on supporting local, so I will always recommend going to one of the local creameries to get your ice cream fix rather than buying it at a store.

24/7 Wall St. has recently come out with a list of the Worst Ice Cream Brands and once again, I was a bit surprised by the list. I was also surprised to see that the brands that neared the top were such popular sellers.

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Coming in at third place is Baskin Robins ice cream. The study says it uses questionable ingredients and from the grainy texture and hint of freezer burn, consumers aren't happy with the downward spiral of the product.

In second place is Breyers. This surprises me due to how this brand is actually everywhere. The study does go to say that the brand does produce some high quality ice cream, but within that, they also produce some duds. From what used to be easy-to-read ingredients turned into a laundry list of items we can't prononuce.

The brand to take the cake for the worst ice cream in America - Turkey Hill. The article says that like Breyers, it produces some good ice cream, but it also produces its fair share of low quality ice cream as well. The biggest key to turkey hill - read the label. You won't be sure what you're eating.

All 3 of these brands are sold in grocery stores all over Connecticut. Next time you're thinking about picking up some ice cream, stop by Ferris Acres or Rich Farms and grab a pint from there, or heck, even go to Stew's. It may cost you a little bit more, but you're getting better quality ingredients and it's so much more worth it.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm ready for some ice cream.

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