According to the NewsTimes, Thomas Febbraio, owner of the Gray Goose Restaurant in Southport, CT is backing his pal Harvey Weinstein. In the article, He had this to say when asked if he is still friends with Harvey Weinstein:

Of course, he needs help. A lot of people need help. Harvey’s a friend of mine, and I don’t talk about my friends. I have a lot of celebrity friends.

So now, we've got a real "Bros Above All" thing going on here between Mr. Feccraio and Mr. Weinstein. Awesome, man, thanks for that. This is a great example of how dudes get a bad rap. This is an A-1 example of how some women think there is a secret boys club where they are thought of as "less than."

Harvey Weinstein is more than a douche. If any of what he has done is true, this guy is a douche for backing him and that is the only way I can read it. Yes, everyone has problems, no, no one is perfect, but this Weistein fella is not my kind of guy, to say the least.

I have a lot of buddies, and I think they know me well enough to know that if Weinstein's kind of history of abusing women was unearthed about them, they would have to lose my number. That's not a lack of loyalty, it's not a self-righteous thing, it's just the way it is.

If I found this out about a close friend of mine, it would not even occur to me to rush to their defense. The first thing I would think is that they made a fool of me by lying to me about who they really are for a long time.

Good luck to Mr. Febbraio and his business in the future. I think he's going to find out the hard way that his customer base might not be so willing to say, "Oh, well. That's just Harvey being Harvey." You backed the wrong horse, Tommy boy.

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