I kind of feel like this piece of research about college basketball cities is on me. I don't whip my pom - poms out enough for my hometown.

First I have to give major props and kudos to both the men's and women's basketball program at UCONN. They have enthralled us with numerous wins, many unbeaten seasons and accolades from all across not only the sports sector, but even to the White House.

UCONN's Huskies are however, not the only college basketball program in Connecticut. Seems as if we are so focused on the Huskies that our rankings pretty much stink in regards to hoops elsewhere in our state, and none quite so bad as my town.

One of the big "go - to" websites for all sorts of studies and statistics is Wallethub.com so when they took on college basketball cities, I was all excited to see, of course, how UCONN and Storrs ranked. What I wasn't prepared for was the devastation of the news about the city I live in.

Wallethub.com recently looked at every city in our country that has a Division One basketball team and how the sport in each city shakes out for fans. Five cities in Connecticut are on the list of 291 cities overall. I pretty much assumed Storrs would be near the top because of UCONN, and sure enough, it's ranked 9th. Wallethub has links to how they went about getting the findings, breakdowns of rankings by city size, there's even a section for you to comment, refute their claims if you will.

In case you want to take them to task Fairfield ranks #135, Hartford #226, New Haven #231. And then my jaw dropped. New Britain is the worst. Yup, DFL at #291.

Damn it New Britainites, stop taking the party bus to Storrs. I'd say, do better, but it's quite the hole to dig out of.

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