Danbury area residents are spoiled with great dinner options. You have restaurant row on Mill Plain Road, that's one slam-dunk restaurant after another. Now, they are saying that Federal Road is growing the same reputation. Sometimes, when you have so many options, it's hard to choose.

So where you go for your obligatory birthday dinner? I think whatever restaurant you choose that day is likely your favorite place. Today's my birthday, and I will go where I almost always want to go. I'll be a Pippa's. I'm going to order the same thing I always get, drink the same things I always drink, have a good time, and go home.

When I am not a Pippa's, I'm at Auggie's, those are my places. I feel comfortable in those places, I love their food, their service, etc., but the key thing for me in that statement is comfortable. I don't like going many places. I get anxious in certain environments, and for whatever reason, this does not happen to me at Pippa's or Auggie's. For me, that is the right way to go.

Your birthday is supposed to be about you and what makes you happy. What makes me happy is knowing what I am getting into. Your birthday is not a day for your family and friends to try and get you to try new things. It's a day to celebrate, relax ,and enjoy.

Where do you go for your birthday dinner? Why?

DISCLAIMER - This is not a paid ad for anyone. Those restaurants are just the ones I like to go to most. 

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