I'm not OK with food items in the bathroom, just sayin'.

This has me seriously questioning the judgement of the people around me. How does it get in there, you ask? There are only a few possible answers and they are all bad.

  • One possible answer is that someone planned on eating this apple while they were in the bathroom and just did not get around to it. That's straight SAVAGE.
  • Another reason could be that someone put it there, knowing it would upset me and I would write about it. If that is the case, then, touchè.
  • Finally, and most disturbing, someone put it in there so they have a snack for another day during a "visit" to the bathroom.

Once and for all, I need the people around me here at work to get their acts together. Let's keep the bathrooms snack free. No one needs produce options in the crapper.

Pam Brooks Has a Fit About the State of the i95 Ladies' Room:

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