Baby, it's cold outside. We're talking single digits and wind chills that rival some of the coldest spots on the planet.

So what's the difference between our area and a place like Antarctica?


Believe it or not, we'll have temperatures and wind chills that will be either colder or comparable to temps in Antarctica! Take a look at this comparison, our temperatures, versus temperatures in Antarctica.


According to, the high temp. in Antarctica Friday will be minus 2, and the low will be minus 8 degrees. According to, around here, our high temp. on Friday will be 10 degrees, but the wind chill factor will make it feel more like minus 5 degrees. The low will be close to minus 7, but the wind chill will make it seem like it's minus 25 degrees.


The high temp. in Antarctica on Saturday will be minus 4 and the low will be minus 7 degrees. Around here, our high temp. on Saturday will be degrees, but with the wind chill factor it will make it feel like minus 5. The low here on Saturday will be minus 9 degrees. Couple in that W.C.F., and it will feel like minus 20.


Sunday the high temp in Antarctica will be minus 2, and the low will again be around minus 7 degrees. For us, Sunday will be the warmest day of the weekend with a high that will top out at around 15 degrees and the low temp will be around 8 degrees.

So, in most cases, it will actually be colder in our area than it will be in Antarctica for a good part of the weekend. Have a good one, but remember to dress in layers, stay indoors when you can, and don't leave your pets outside for any length of time.

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