Recently, I was watching a Youtube video about Danbury.

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The video was posted to Youtube on October 16th, 2022 by a page called: NorthEast Cemetery Tours & Roadside Attractions. In the video, the hosts visit our beloved Danbury, CT.

There were two main attractions that interested them enough to visit. They wanted to see our Uncle Sam statue and the John Oliver Memorial Sewer Plant. These are two of the things that we're known for, for better or worse.

After accepting this reality, I wanted to know what Danbury people think, which of these "attractions" is more "us.?" I will be endlessly disappointed, deflated and disgruntled if we choose the John Oliver plant. But, here goes, speak your piece.

If you picked John Oliver, re-think it and maybe change your vote. In case you're not from here, this is the deal with both.

Uncle Sam -

  • Uncle Sam stood high over Danbury, CT back in the days of the Great Danbury Fair until it closed down in 1981.
  • After the Fair closed it was purchased by the Magic Forest Amusement Park in Lake George, NY where it stood for nearly 40 years.
  • Danbury purchased the stature back from Magic Forest in 2018.
  • When Sam was officially in place I did the most popular dedication ceremony in the history of dedication ceremonies.

John Oliver Memorial Sewer Plant - 

  • In August of 2020 John Oliver took an unprovoked shot at the city, saying "F--- Danbury" on his HBO Series Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.
  • He, and then Mayor Mark Boughton traded barbs in the news in the coming months.
  • Next, Mayor Boughton said he'd name the Sewer Plant after Oliver if he donated a large sum of money to benefit Danbury charities.
  • Finally, Oliver agreed, money was exchanged and a secret naming ceremony took place to avoid press and the spread of COVID.
  • It turned out the entire saga was pre-planned by Oliver and Mayor Boughton.

Here is some extra John Oliver/Uncle Sam fun:

He's in a silly costume, see?

Look at it

Because of reasons.

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