John Oliver called out Danbury, CT for no reason, Danbury Mayor, Mark Boughton, jokingly responded by saying he would name the City sewage plant after Oliver and John has fired back at that by saying he will donate to our charities if the plant is named after him. "Your Move Danbury."

He really took the easiest road home. Yes, we will accept your charity dollars, should the Mayor name the sanitation plant after you, but he won't (I don't think)? What you wanted to do was give us a thrashing, including our children, right?

You've had offers from me, a local boxing club and many others. Those responses did not work for you? John Oliver, you addressed a portion of a response from the Danbury Hat Tricks Hockey Team.

You are not getting off that easy, you called for a fight. Let's have one. All I want in return if you lose is for you to take your s-----y British TV with you back home. I mean it, talk to your Hollywood friends and take the "The Crown", Downton Abbey and every other piece of milk toast British garbage and go back home. Ricky Gervais can stay, he's actually funny.

Answer the challenge you laid down, fight someone. I told you what I want if you lose, name your price for victory, although it's pointless.

Mayor Mark tweeted back to John Oliver to say "we are on it. Standby".

Let's go, John Oliver. It's on. It's been on.

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