Get in your Classic Rock requests, played every day between noon and 1:00 PM in the Déjà Vu Diner. Each day of the week, I select an Artist Du Jour and you, select the songs!

Here are the Artists Du Jour for this week:

Monday, September 25: Led Zeppelin

Tuesday, September 26: Stevie Ray Vaughan

Wednesday, September 27: BachmanTurner Overdrive

Thursday, September 28: David Bowie

Friday, September 29: The Grateful Dead

You’ll have to tune  to find out the reason behind the Artist Du Jour selection.

To request your favorite song by the Artist Du Jour of the day call me in the studio at (203) 775-9595.

Want to hear a song that’s not by our Artist Du Jour? Request it anyway. This rock chick wants to feed your head every day during lunch at the i95 Déjà Vu Diner.

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