The Old Farmer’s Almanac is something I grew up with in our family’s home. My dad was a rancher, so weather was very important to his livelihood, and we consulted it a lot.

Mr. Morning and I decided to consult it today, because we needed a glimmer of hope after an insufferable winter and the brutal storm we just endured. We got it. I know I’m not alone feeling entitled to a great weather summer, and if they’re right, we’ll get it. Here’s a quote from the Farmer’s Almanac I’m happy to present to you:

Summer will be hotter and slightly drier than normal, with the hottest periods in early June, early and mid-July, and early August.

Their prediction for May was spot on calling for more than normal rainy conditions. It looks like the long range forecast for the entire northeast is warmer and drier. Let’s hope this is one of the years that the Old Farmer’s Almanac gets it right!

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