I'm amazed at what Dollar General has pulled off over the last decade here in Connecticut. They've transformed so many undervalued/unusable properties in neighborhood locations into stores, especially in Waterbury.

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5 of the 6 Dollar General locations in Waterbury didn't exist 10 years ago. The first one that I remember in town is the Watertown Avenue store, but the other 5 were built from the ground up. I know it's only been a few years, but do you remember our neighborhoods before Dollar General came in? The Watertown Ave store basically looks the same now as it did then, but the other 5 Dollar General stores? Nope. Here are before and after photos of the other 5.

Waterbury: Before and After Dollar General

Over the past decade, 6 Dollar General locations have opened around Waterbury. When the Fairfield Avenue in Town Plot store was built, it blew my mind. I never thought a full retail store would be built there. Do you remember what the neighborhood looked like before?

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