Stress can be a son of a pup.

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It could range from little worries all the way to full panic attacks. For some people, stress can get so bad it manifests in a variety of physical symptoms. Some people can get chest pain, others indigestion and in some cases, blurred eyesight. Stress is no laughing matter unless you laugh as a result of stress.

In Connecticut, New York and the rest of the Northeast, we have a reputation for operating under stressful circumstances, around the clock. That reputation is world famous, but is it accurate? Is Connecticut really that anxiety ridden? A new study says it is not as stressful as we may think.

Wallet Hub recently released the results of a national study on stress and it turns out, CT is one of the least stressful places to live in America. In fact, we ranked #43 overall. Our neighbors in New York were #20 and the most stressful state was Mississippi.

Top 10

1 - Mississippi

2 - Louisiana

3 - New Mexico

4 - West Virginia

5 - Nevada

6 - Arkansas

7 - Alabama

8 - Kentucky

9 - Texas

10 - Oklahoma

Source: WalletHub

How did they come to this conclusion? Well they weighed a variety of factors including:

  • Average Hours Worked Per Week
  • Average Hours of Sleep Per Night
  • % of Adults in Fair/Poor Health
  • Job Security
  • Credit Score
  • Affordable Housing
  • % of Population Living in Poverty
  • Divorce Rate
  • Crimes Per Capita
  • Psychologists Per Capita

Connecticut scored exceptionally well in a few categories, we had the better job security than every other state and we ranked 45th for average hours worked. Meaning, we worked less hours than 45 other states.

Disgusted man reading a text message

We talked about this on the Tuesday (3/28/23) edition of the I-95 Morning Show, listen below to see why we didn't really agree with the study.

The funniest thing about stress is someone shouting when too many people are talking to them at once. You know the situation, someone stands surrounded by multiple people interrupting one another to ask questions simultaneously and the person on the receiving end freaks out. I've been the person who is surrounded, I've been the person asking the questions and I've been a spectator and I prefer to be the spectator.

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