did a nationwide survey of the most overrated TV Shows and CT doesn't seem to think much of "The Walking Dead." Connecticut, along with California said "The Walking Dead" was the most overrated TV show.

I waited to watch "The Walking Dead," fighting the zombie craze, screaming "who cares, enough already with zombies!" My wife talked me into watching it and for the first seven seasons it was a lot of fun. Fun is the operative word, I'm not surprised to learn that Connecticut and California (A-hole, stuffy, know it all) critics don't like it.

For seven seasons, the show beat the s--- out of my need to hate everything that everyone else likes. I'm no TV executive, but I'd imagine that getting that kind of attention is a success for any film production in America.


As a nation, according to the survey, we agree that "Parks and Recreation" is the most overrated TV show. The article from Reviews says:

Out of every state we surveyed, NBC’s Parks and Recreation was picked most often (eight times) as the most overrated show. If every state has an equal vote, Parks and Recreation is the most overrated show. Ron Swanson would not be happy … or maybe he would.

When I say we agree, I mean I strongly disagree. Shame on these voters, I put shame on them and their families. This indicates to me that the nation is as dumb as it's ever been. The show is brilliantly written, acted and most important, it is funny. If you can't relate to Leslie, Ron, Ann, Andy, April, Tom, Chris, Ben or Donna you can get the hell out of my life. Seriously, a line has been drawn in the sand here, you are with me or against me.

Wait, I'm not done yet, I know why it was "down-voted" by Americans, it's the never ending political battle that rages between Leslie and Ron. Leslie is a liberal and Ron is a conservative. They share their political views often and on extreme ends of the spectrum and yet they are the best of friends. The world needs to look to Ron and Leslie right now or face doom, doom I say. Shame on each and everyone of you.

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