Recently I've had three individuals ask me where they can sell their vinyl records. I jumped on the Google and got some answers.

Honestly, I thought once the compact disc(CD) was invented in 1982, vinyl records would become obsolete. Fortunately, that hasn't been the case. CD sales finally overtook cassette sales in the late 1980's. Do you know the name of the first CD that sold 1 million copies? It was Dire Straits, 'Brothers in Arms' in 1985.

Vinyl was king until 1973 when cassettes became the most popular way to listen to music. CD's, invented in 1982 began to take over around 1993 along with digital sales until about 2003 and then guess what? Vinyl kicked off its comeback tour slowly but surely making its move each year until 2017 when vinyl had its best sale year since 1991!

The following 5 Connecticut and Hudson Valley record stores records have earned excellent ratings from their customers.     

  • Gerosa Records Used by permission
    Gerosa Records Used by permission

    GEROSA RECORDS - Brookfield

    Brian Gerosa is happily into his 32nd year of making top quality vinyl available to the greater Danbury area. I remember shopping at his store in Brookfield for LP's and 45's for my DJ service before CD's were available. Brian is an expert in his field and can answer all your questions from which turntable he recommends to which Led Zeppelin album is worth the most money.

    Gerosa's also buys 45's and LP's BUT the payout on your albums is determined by the popularity of the artist and the condition of the album. You can call Brian Gerosa at 203-775-7074.

  • TSM Media CenterAlKane
    TSM Media CenterAlKane

    RED SCROLL RECORDS - Wallingford

    You could call Red Scroll Records in Wallingford a specialty record store that focuses on lesser known underground acts. If that's what you like then this is your bag. Their website is updated constantly regarding the most recent product in the store. I'm not sure if they buy used records, but with one call you could find out at 203-265-7013.

  • Getty Images
    Getty Images

    THE VINYL ROOM - Wappingers Falls, NY

    The Vinyl Room in Wappingers Falls, NY not only sells records but purchases vinyl collections such as rock, jazz, blues, hip-hop, reggae, and even artists they've never heard of before. What they don't buy are country, classical, show tunes, and big band records. Another spiffy feature about the Vinyl Room is they serve beer and wine. They actually have a beer menu. Check it out here

  • TSM Media CenterThomas Northcut
    TSM Media CenterThomas Northcut


    Hudson Valley Vinyl sure does have a dashing website but I can't determine if they're a record shop where you can drop in. Under the heading 'Our Process' it directs you to call for an appointment. HVW seems like a store that searches out record collections to purchase and they will come to you. I have never seen anything like that before. To set up that appointment or to get your questions answered, call 844-HV-VINYL

  • TSM Media Center digicomphoto
    TSM Media Center digicomphoto

    VINYL STREET CAFE - Fairfield

    The Vinyl Street Cafe is a favorite in Connecticut because as one reviewer put it, "The owner, Josh is not a pretentious record snob. He will go that extra mile to help you find a specific record you're looking for."

    Another cool thing about the VSC is they serve excellent coffee which you sip while you browse.They also sell CD's, cassettes, 8-tracks and have an extensive list of albums for sale on their website. The VSC is located at 1895 Post Road in Fairfield. Have questions that need answering, call 203-292-5785.


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