World renowned travel publication, Conde Nast, polled airline customers regarding their preferred US airports, with their 30th annual Traveler Readers Choice Awards.

Over 300,000 readers were surveyed, and Hartford Connecticut's, Bradley International Airport placed at number five in the nation, as reported by WTNH News 8.

Respondents gave Bradley tens of thousands of positive comments. Features people liked were: convenient on site parking, lots of charging stations, no charge wi-fi, good restaurants, and a good atmosphere. The new findings point out that many are now choosing Bradley over New York, and Boston's higher traffic terminals.

People especially liked the addition of Norwegian Air, and Aer Lingus Airlines with international flight options to Scotland, Ireland and other European countries. Many people have recently discovered Bradley International because of these new airlines.

In this day and age when traveling can be completely inconvenient and nightmarish, this is great news that we have something so close that's so highly rated, and well liked by travelers.

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