Considering a move to the Danbury area? Be warned!

  • Ethan Carey/ Townsquare Media
    Ethan Carey/ Townsquare Media

    You May Fall In Love With Our Lake

    We've got the biggest lake in the state, covering 60 miles of shoreline and bordering five towns. With all of that water, you may find yourself taking days off and calling in sick to enjoy a lake day. You may even find yourself shopping for a boat.

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    There Are Simply Too Many Food Choices

    We have Italian, Lebanese, Vietnamese, Portuguese, Mexican, Ecuadorian, Hungarian, German, Irish, Brazilian, Chinese -- basically any kind of ethnic food you could imagine. Not to mention some great wing choices, sports bars, BBQ and burger joints, and some of the most creative and sought-after food trucks. Move here, and you run the risk of going out to eat every night and not repeating a place for months. Frankly, who can stand that kind of pressure?

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    Getty Images

    It's Too Close to Everything

    On the rare weekend where there's nothing happening here, you can hop in the car or on the train and be in New York City in just over an hour. It's a short drive to a ballgame in Bridgeport, Hartford or the Hudson Valley, and less than two hours from a couple of great casinos. You run an absolute risk of not being bored.

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    You'll Have a Hard Time Being Unemployed

    According to the Department of Labor's website, Danbury's unemployment rate is only 4.2%. That's way lower than most major cities in the state. You run the risk of finding a great job and not spending your days in a hammock with Cheetos and beer.

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    Google Instant Street View

    It's a Combination of City and Suburb Life

    We've got a rebounding downtown full of cultural activities, and easy proximity to major cities, but you've still got the option of a house on a quiet street with a big lawn. At some point, you'll have to decide whether the city life or the suburban life is for you. All these choices! 'Ain't nobody got time for that.

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