Tom Brady & Julian Edelman had front row seats for a Syracuse college basketball game on Saturday and it did not take long for the cameras to find them. Once the cameras were there, the duo may have given away some eagerly anticipated information. While the audio is not great you can hear enough to know that Brady's not coming back to the Patriots and he does not find Edelman joking about it to be funny.

There it is, Edelman was trying to be cute and add to the growing speculation about Brady's future saying; "He's coming back." Brady responds by saying; "he's not." Time to put the duck boats in long term storage cause we won't need to "cue" them anytime soon.

We've all done a fair share of reading between the lines lately but I don't think that is necessary anymore. Edelman joked that Brady would be back and Brady looked pissed off and said he wouldn't be. That's as good as answer as we are going to get for awhile and one I'm more than happy to accept.

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