The Palace Theater in Waterbury has hosted some pretty amazing concerts over the years, but this one might just take the cake.

 It was March 18th, 1973. Pink Floyd's masterpiece, The Dark Side of the Moon, had been released in the U.S. the day before.  The album's music had been played in concert before it was recorded, and it was during the live performances that the songs were honed into the versions we know now.  Dark Side of the Moon was an instant classic, hitting #1 on the Billboard album chart by April 1st and staying on the charts for 741 weeks.

The 2500 people that were at the show probably had no way of knowing then that the album would transform Pink Floyd into superstars and that they would soon be leaving small theaters behind for arenas and stadiums.

Here in its entirety is that classic night from 1973!

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