Nick Foles could be the hero this week and bring Philadelphia fans their first Championship in the 'Big Game' era. Even if he does that, next year he is the backup or a starter somewhere else.

Everyone agrees that Carson Wentz is the future of the Eagles and that is fine. What about this dude though? Sure, he will never have to pay for a cheese steak again in Philly and he will walk the red carpet for Rocky 33 but that's messed up.

This is the life of the in between QB in the NFL I guess. Nick Foles is like Alex Smith and Kirk Cousins. These guys are good enough to put up good numbers, win some games and just can't get a coach in the NFL to say "this is my guy."

It's a cut throat business when you can win the biggest sporting event in America and have to pack a Uhaul truck weeks later and uproot your family.

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