An advertisement for a Christmas fair in Canada took a hilarious and terrifying turn when the the newspaper's spelling error invited people to "Meet Satan." They meant to invite people to meet Santa Claus but the mistake slipped through the cracks, ran and the internet let the newspaper have it.

According to NARCITY, the British Colombian newspaper Comox Valley Record made an innocent mistake that went viral in a hurry. The internet was buzzing about it from the start but it really took flight when it was posted to Reddit. The ad ran "Photos with Satan" instead of "Photos with Santa."

The Comox Valley Record did issue a correction/apology titled "Ad lacked attention to detail," adding: :

There is no excuse for it, and we aren’t about to use this space to make any. Somehow, this was missed, and for that, we sincerely apologize – to the clients affected, as well as to any readers offended by the mistake.


These are two very different things, one is a pleasant photo shoot that families wait for all year round and the other is terrifying. Words are fun to play with and the results of misusing them can be even funnier than weaving them together correctly.

If someone in this Canadian town is smart, they provide a photo shoot with Satan for $5 a pop. You dress someone up like in a Satan costume and rake money all day long, it's got to be the talk of the town there. If you get a tenth of the people that live there, to drop a five spot for a funny photo to post on their Instagram, you end up sitting on a fat pile of change.


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