First off, Erica and the baby are fine -- I was very scared though. During my vacation away from the radio station, the kids all got sick. It was a matter of time before my wife Erica got what they had, and eventually, she did.

After a few doctor's appointments, we went home, and she only got worse. Her constant coughing eventually led to contractions, and then we both got really scared and went to the hospital.

She was dehydrated and they put her on an I.V. It took hours for her to even be able to rest for a few minutes without pain. I am happy to say everything turned out fine, and we were able to go home. Thank you to the amazing staff at Labor and Delivery at Danbury Hospital.

That event put a lot of things into perspective for me. When all you can think about is the welfare of your unborn daughter and your wife, little problems really melt away.

Anyone who has had an ill spouse or child knows that you would do anything to trade places with them and take on their pain. That is how I felt. The worst thing is that you are really powerless.

I will spend 2017 being grateful for the health of my family. It's all I care about.

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