The Governor of Connecticut Ned Lamont has just announced that nine sites have been chosen around our state where new electric vehicle (EV) charging stations will be built. If you enjoy stuffing your face while your vehicle charges, the tastiest new charging site will be in Waterbury.

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Nine applicants have been selected, and conditionally awarded more than $5 million dollars to build EV charging stations at:

  •  Danbury - I-84, Exit 5 - 17 Thorpe Street Extension
  • Hartford - 1-91, Exit 33 - 165 Leibert Road
  • Meriden - I-91, Exit 16 NB - 1101 East Main Street
  • Moosup - I-395, Exit 2 - 12 South Main Street
  • New Milford - 61 Danbury Road
  • Plainfield - I-395 NB Service Plaza
  • Putnam - I-395/44 Intersection - 50 Providence Pike
  • Waterbury - I-84, Exit 22 - 105 Meriden Road
  • Willington - I-84, Exit 72 - 327 Ruby Road

I looked at each of the nine future EV charging station locations, and the one planned for Waterbury is right next to one of the hottest restaurants in all of Connecticut right now.


105 Meriden Road, Waterbury is the announced location, and that's where La BoriChina is. Haven't heard of it yet? Latin Asian Fusion. Have you ever seen Mofongo, Plantain, Crab Rangoons, Chow Mein, and Fried Chicken on the same menu? Neither have I, yet, because every time that I've tried to go to La BoriChina, the line is backed up to Meriden Road. The place is en fuego, every one that's been there has raved about their food.

Oh, and if you wall across Manor Avenue while your vehicle is charging, and you have a sweet tooth, Sweet Maria's is located in the plaza across the street at 159 Manor Ave. Absolutely the best cakes and sweets bakery that you will ever have.

This news might make me consider an EV now, 2 hours in Sweet Maria's?

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