I've been working in Connecticut radio for 30 years, A pretty common question that I get is 'Hey, have you met anyone famous? What were they like?' Yes, I've been very lucky to meet quite a few Brand Name folks over the years. I saw Lou's article the other day about meeting Claudia Wells, and it got me thinking that I've never really shared any of my pics here, and I got a few good ones. The photos that you see above is Eddie Money and I, from 1991 in black and white, and in color from 2014. The old pic is from when I worked in Hamden, and it was the first time that I had ever met anyone famous. I was so star-struck, I was Mike Lapitino's intern at the time, and he said to me 'Hey, Eddie Money is playing Toad's, and he's gonna stop by to plug the show, clean up the place'. I did, and in walks Eddie Money. He walked right up to me, stuck out his hand and said 'Hey, I'm Eddie'. It took all of my willpower to not say, "Yeah, no $&it."

Here are 6 more of my personal celebrity photos


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