Brewster is a village within the town of Southeast in Putnam CountyNew York but don't try explaining any of that to anyone. The way we (those of us who lived there) look at it is, the Village and Southeast are one. Brewster is looked at as like the last stop on the commuter line. It's kind of the farthest away from NYC you can get and still commute there everyday by train or by car.

Brewster is a pretty kick ass place to grow up or live but it used to be an even more kick ass place to reside. These are 4 of the places that used to make it super kick ass. Two of them are out of business, I don't know if they still use the park and the last location is kind of a secret.

I realize there may be confusion about where I grew up. I write a lot about Danbury, CT because I live there now, I'm also on record as saying I grew up in Brewster, NY & Putnam Lake, NY. That's all true, my earliest years were in Brewster, teen years in Put Lake, then Patterson for the early 20's and then back to Brewster and after that my CT history starts. Why did I tell you that? I don't want my local street cred checked, look into me, fact check it.

WARNING: This video is stupid and will no doubt make you dumb if you watch it. The law requires me to put it here because I used an image from it.

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