Not everyone in Putnam Lake, NY owns a dirt bike but that doesn't mean they don't have access to one. Let's back up for a second, Putnam Lake, is in Putnam County, NY. It's a hamlet of the Town of Patterson, NY and it's where I grew up. It's a nice town with nice people and many of them have a passion for biking in the dirt, riding ATV's or cruising on anything motorized.

I did have a tiny Honda motorcycle when I lived there and rode it around a lot, before that I I had a moped with a crooked frame that caused me to crash into a tree and when none of those would start, I'd take my Dad's Harley for a joyride when he wasn't home. I was not alone in my love for cruising, a lot of my friends had something to ride, made one, stole one or borrowed one. Now that we know what's what, here are some of the places you might see a person ride a dirt bike in Putnam Lake, NY.

DISCLAIMER: I'm not encouraging anyone to break laws or damage property. 

The disclaimer won't matter, cue the outrage because I glorified nuisance crimes or made fun of Putnam Lake. If what you got out of this is that I hope people commit crimes you are too soft to be a human, not tall enough to ride this ride. Look around, the world is melting and I'm just trying to have a laugh on my way out, you should try it. For the rest of you, thanks for reading this and a big shout out to all my O.G. Lakers, you know who you are, especially you Kevin Howard.

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