I watch a lot of football, I have my whole life. This does not make me an expert, no one is. The NFL, especially in today's game, is unreasonably hard to predict in my opinion. I think people who gamble their hard earned dollars on football are bananas-crazy.

When I make a prediction, I use more gut than I do hard facts. My gut is telling me these things:

Ben Roethlisberger, I think was dead serious when he mentioned retirement early this year. I think Ben is a top tier competitor, I think he knows this team has a shot and I believe he wants to go out a winner.

The Rams are legit. I've seen enough of them this year to know they can play with anyone. There is no one else in the NFC that I feel this strongly about. If Wentz was healthy for the Eagles it would have made this decision harder but he is not.

I can't pick the Pats for two reasons, it's too easy to do that and after they way they won last year I think mentally it's too heavy a lift to pull off.

Yes, I am aware the Steelers lost last week to the Pats and now Pittsburgh would have to go to Foxboro and beat the Pats. I think they can and will. There you go, I said it first, Steelers over the Rams in the "BIG ASS GAME."

All that said we know anything can happen. The trendy pick right now is for the Jaguars to pick off the Pats or Steelers in the AFC Championship game. I'd love to see it, it would be awesome and kinda hilarious in some way but I don't bet against icy veined killers like Brady and Ben.

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