Whatever happened to the Danbury Bennigan's or the property that it sits on as it pathetically sits all boarded up at 106 Federal Road next to a Quality Inns & Suites?

It all began in December of 2005, when an article appeared in the NewsTimes about how Bennigan's was behind on their taxes and that the city of Danbury was poised to shut off their water. Fast forward to a month later in January of 2006, where it was reported that the owners had put together a payment plan for the $70,000 they owed the city. That was strike one!

Not only did the brothers who owned Bennigan's, Constantine "Gus" Gianopoulos and Anastasios "Tom" Gianopoulos owe the city big money, they were looking at prison time for tax evasion and bank fraud in connection with the several dozen Dunkin Donut shops they owned in New York State. Strike two!

Bennigan's Reportedly Closing Down Nationally
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Fast forward again to a NewsTimes article from April of 2009 reporting that the restaurant was tangled up in foreclosure proceedings. Strike three!

Both brothers actually did prison time for federal tax evasion charges in New York. As of 2009, the brothers still owed thousands of dollars to the city of Danbury and Savings Bank of Danbury. So where does that leave us today?

The latest update on the Bennigan's property was from the Danbury Patch in 2013. It wasn't really an update on the property, it was the question they asked their readers, "If you were given a choice, what would you like to see in Bennigan's place?" 

Is it possible that 2018 will bring some life to that lonely spot on the otherwise bustling Federal Rd.? The way things have been going, not likely.

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