Did Nathan Carman of Connecticut murder his wealthy grandfather in 2013 and then make his mother "disappear" in September of 2016?

Nathan and his mom set sail for Port Judith in September of 2016 on his 31-foot aluminum boat that went missing for one week. Nathan was rescued a week later, but his mother has never been found.

Nathan's grandfather, John Chakalos, who was worth $44 million was shot to death on December 20, 2013 at his home in Windsor, Connecticut  Nathan's aunts are suing him in probate court to block him from receiving millions of dollars from his grandfather's estate, and to have him named as his grandfather's murderer. So far, this is what we know to be true:

  1. Nathan has not been charged in the murder but has been named a 'person of interest' by police in the shooting death of his grandfather.
  2. He purchased a firearm.
  3. He has refused to take a lie detector test.
  4. In court, Nathan has tried to paint his aunts as possible murder suspects.

The following are the list of allegations, according to the Boston Globe, in Nathan Carman's court case in which he is representing himself.

  1.  The boat insurer alleges that Nathan made suspicious alterations to the boat with the intention of sinking the craft.
  2. Nathan alleges that his aunts had "substantial motive" to murder his grandfather for his money.
  3. Daniel Small, the lawyer for the aunts said that Nathan shifting the blame to the aunts was "completely outrageous."
  4. The aunts claim that Nathan purchased a Sig Sauer semiautomatic rifle.
  5. Nathan was allegedly the last known person to see his grandfather alive.

So what do you think? Should Nathan Carman be charged with the murder of his grandfather and the disappearance of his mother? This story is far from being finished.

Here is a complete video of this Carman's recent court hearing:

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