More twists and turns have surfaced in this story that unfolded when Nathan Carman and his mother, Linda, were reported missing Sept. 18 after failing to return from a fishing trip off of Point Judith, Rhode Island.

What started out as a sad tale at sea with one bright light, may now take a very different turn.

In a story covered by a week ago, Nathan Carman, who had been missing for a week, was found alive at sea on a life raft, but his mother Linda was still missing. Nathan, a Middletown, CT native, was wearing a life vest and had an emergency bag of food and water, but his mom was not in the lifeboat. Linda Carman is presumed dead.

Quite the mystery could be unfolding here. According to, court documents say that Nathan Carman was a suspect in the murder of his grandfather back in 2013 in Windsor Connecticut. Police sent an arrest warrant for Nathan Carman to prosecutors in 2014 for the killing of John Chakalos, but it was returned unsigned, and requested more information.

As you delve into the Courant's story from 2013, a search warrant says Nathan was the last known person to see his grandfather alive on Dec. 20, 2013. The following morning, one of Chakalos' daughters found 87-year-old Chakalos dead in his home. He had been shot three times in the head and torso.

As you dig into the boating story reported in, you read about potential problems with the boat that could have made it not sea worthy. There are also reports that while the Carman's were going fishing, one witness said there was no fishing equipment.

Certainly none of this points to anything sinister. There is relief that Nathan was found alive, and overwhelming sadness that it appears his mother did not survive, but I have to believe that this is a mystery that will play out for quite a while, as investigators continue to search for answers to what happened between the boat leaving Point Judith, Rhode Island and the life raft being found 115 nautical miles off Martha's Vineyard.

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