According to The Hill, Miami Beach declared a State of Emergency on Saturday over COVID concerns relating to large crowds of Spring Break revelers.

Dan Gelber is the Mayor of Miami Beach and he held a news conference on Saturday to make the announcement and lay out what it means for travelers in the city for Spring Break.

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One jackass has gone super viral, not with COVID (maybe later) but on social media. The man had his face painted to look like "The Joker," was waving the American flag, throwing cash into the crowd and repeatedly screaming "Covid is Over!"
(WARNING - Stupid opinions and foul language)

This is the most Florida thing I've see this week, but the week is young and Spring Break is not over. I look forward to see what comes next.  Being young, especially in your late teens and early twenties means you are at a distinct emotional/intellectual disadvantage and this person is just another example of that.  Being young, on Spring Break, in Florida? Now that is the mega-pack of disadvantage.

We can't expect a lot of wonderful developments to come out of Spring Break, especially now, especially in a COVID reality.  Sure, we need people to behave better now, maybe more than ever but that means they will behave worse. So, it was "The Joker" this time and next time it will be "Megatron" riding a unicycle and smoking meth out of a severed head. Just in case this article finds it's way to the Florida "Joker," I'd like to say a few things to you directly. They are:

  • No It's not
  • You are the not "The Joker"

This was fun. Florida you say? 

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