The Houston Astros bother me a lot. I'm a Yankee fan so of course I hate the Red Sox first and foremost but the last few years the Astros have nudged themselves firmly in that #2 spot. The teams new HR celebration makes certain for me that they will retain that ranking until further notice. Here is what it looks like in case you have not seen it yet.

They beat us in the ALCS, the team looks like a Red Sox team with different colors on and the organization can't figure out whether they are an American League team or a National League team. These are just some of the reasons I can't stand the Houston Astros but there are many more.

My dream scenario would be for the Yankees to face both the Sox and Astros in the playoffs, beat them both, go to the World Series and win the whole thing. Problem with that is we can't get a starter out of the 5th inning and our best offensive player touched a bat for the first time in a month yesterday.

Stare at someone else Houston, you are annoying.

P.S. The real reason I hate this celebration is this is something I'd like to see my team do. They look like they are having fun. When you are having fun and playing loose you win a lot. The Yanks are tight and I'm not diggin' it. 

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