Hurricane season is at its peak, according to and there are some major storms showing their muscles in the southern states. Could they cause a threat to our area?

Tropical storms seem to be act like derelict teenagers during this time of the year in the Atlantic Ocean. They like to meet up, hang out, gather strength and head straight towards trouble.

So, Florence started stirring things up this past weekend. She became a hurricane chick yesterday and gained strength to a category 3 this morning. Right now, there seems to be a few paths she could follow. Two of those paths could affect our area.

If high pressure sitting over the mid Atlantic meets up with some high pressure that has been wasting time hanging out near the East Coast, then Florence will go west towards Virginia or head northwest and affect the Cape Cod area. If that pressure weakens, Florence will go out to sea.

While it's still a bit early to tell what path she will take, let's hope she decides to just go away.

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