Before the wild weather day known as May 15th, our beloved Candlewood Lake was all set for the annual Spring clean up. Now what?

It's an annual event that lovers of the lake, wildlife and the environment always participate in. The annual lake clean up for 2018 had to be canceled and as of yet, there is no rescheduled date. We all know the horrific storm of May 15th has impacted most of our area, as well as the lake area, and clean up will certainly be needed.

This message comes from the Candlewood Lake Authority 

Our thoughts and prayers are with the many families in the area that have been severely impacted by (Tuesday’s) extreme weather. We know many are without power while others have incurred significant hardships. Repairing, rebuilding and cleaning up personal property will take time

The website and FirstLight added this very important safety message.

Electricity can energize the lake water. Falling branches and uprooted trees can become tangled with electrical wires and become energized. Please stay clear of and report any fallen trees or wires immediately to Eversource. Tree removal is extremely dangerous, make sure your contractor is insured and qualified for this type of work. Damaged structures should be inspected for safety before entry. Docks, debris and vessels should be secured to the shoreline where possible. Trees and other debris have blown into the water and there could be new unknown submerged hazards. Additionally, several hazard buoys have broken free or have moved, so please exercise extreme caution when navigating your vessel on the lake. The Candlewood Lake Authority is working to locate and replace the buoys and remove or secure the floating debris.

Please stay safe and use caution. We want you to be able to enjoy all the beauty and fun that Candlewood Lake provides.

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