I'll be perfectly blunt and brutally honest, I didn't realize having body hair ripped off your skin was such a thing!

If you've listened to the Ethan and Lou Morning Show on i95, you might have heard Lou mention the "Dining and Entertainment" district. For those in the know, he's referring to the area of your body that's just below the belt. Lou will then pontificate about how personal landscaping or grooming your nether region is a common practice among most homo sapiens. He then goes on to tell me — and he goes on forever because he can't shut up — that my significant other will appreciate my naked body even more if "I'm hairless in that region."

I have never, nor will I ever, participate in the practice of waxing. Throughout my adult years, I have often been asked by many if I have my body waxed. The answer is NO, and it's not because of a waxing job gone horribly wrong. The reason I don't have "gorilla hair" is because it's either genetics or I'm simply "follically challenged."

Even though I'm not a fan, I know that many of you love having hair ripped off your body because bathing suit season is just around the corner, and nobody ever wants to see you looking like you've got Quest Love from the Tonight Show in a leg lock.

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There are quite a few classy body waxing shops in the greater Danbury area that do a swell job of removing hair from your body:

  1. Braziliant Body Waxing - Ridgefield
  2. European Wax Center - Danbury and Newtown
  3. Viso Bella Aria Laser Hair - Middlebury
  4. Summer Wax Studio - Danbury
  5. K&M Waxing Center - Brookfield

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