Time to make peace with the cold white stuff. Even if it warms up a bit, you know we're in for a long, cold Winter.

With more in the snow forecast, you might just as well grab the sled and go. Downhill fun isn't just for the kids!

Okay, maybe you aren't into doing more than watching them fly down a monster hill, but where are some of the best spots in the Danbury area to go? What evokes a great childhood Winter time fun memory for you?

Before we moved to Danbury, the house I lived in over in Yorktown Heights, New York sat atop a hill. I was friends with the people directly across the street. We used to sled from my front yard, across the road, and down their driveway, stopping just short of the garage door. Okay, truth be told, we rammed into that thing more often then we should have. Anyway, the house I spent the rest of my childhood in was right here in Danbury, and the lawn was flat as a pancake. I do remember a few harrowing sledding moments over at Richter Golf Course, as well as Ridgewood Country Club — Dead Man's Hill— before I decided I was too cool to go anymore. Or maybe I was just too scared!

So do you have memories of screaming your lungs out while hurtling down any of these hills?

  • Tarrywile Park
  • Broadview Middle School
  • Danbury High School (oh, yeah, we did make great use of the lunch room trays to sneak a few runs during study hall)
  • State Street Hill
  • Immaculate High School
  • Wooster Cemetary
  • St.Greg's
  • Richter Golf Course
  • Ridgewood Country Club

What would you add to the list, and would you still hit them up on a flexible flyer?

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