If you're like me, you love Sushi -- tuna, salmon, oshinko, even California rolls. Well, now Stew Leonard's sushi chefs are taking sushi the next level.

It happened over the last few months right before our eyes -- the evolution of sushi. From the traditional roll and sashimi, to the sushi burrito, and now, to what has become the sushi donut.

It's a hybrid type of Sushi and rice that really looks good. According to businessinsider.com, sushi donuts were created, where else, but in California, by Project Poke in Fountain Valley.

The sushi donuts have actually been around for almost a year, but like most trends that start out west, it has finally worked its way here to the east, and Stew Leonard's in Danbury is ready for the demand.

As you can see, the sushi donuts have rice shaped like a donut, and covered with some of your favorite Sushi toppings. Wow. I could chow down on these like I was going to the chair. The sushi donuts are also breaking the internet, especially Twitter.

Stew Leonard's seems to always be on the cutting edge of these national food trends. The sushi donuts come on the heels of the edible cookie dough craze.

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