Tom Brady walked the gold carpet at the Met Gala, primed to make doves appear out of his sleeves and set Twitter ablaze.

I can't imagine the pressure that comes with being a fashion icon. It must be overwhelming and forces people to "take chances." Tom Brady took a chance that they would not call him "Captain Obvious" from

Casting shake up at Disney! Tom Brady set to play "Lumiere" in Beauty and the Beast 2.

I guess when you really love your wife, you will do anything for her, including dressing like a pimp:

Commodore Norrington demoted to mate after a style "no" at Met Gala:

It's Mr. "Steal Yo Girl" himself, Criss Angel:

Gaddafi turns heads at Met Gala!

Muammar Gaddafi Meets With PM Berlusconi & Italian President
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This Tom Brady fashion choice is further proof that he lives a life 99 percent of the world cannot relate to. You know he asked at least four people how he looked before going out in public and they all said "great." They could not tell him, he looked insane. They could not tell him no. That's what this is, no one could tell him he looked like Mugatu.

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