Celebrity Chef, Donatella Arpaia who owns a lakeside home in New Fairfield has been told her outdoor patios and fireplace must be dismantled.

According to the NewsTimes, the CT Supreme Court has ruled that an outdoor hot tub, patios, and stairways owned by Arpaia and her husband, Dr. Allen Stewart built at their lakeside home must be broken down.

The reason is that those structures were built on FirstLight Hydro Generating Company property who own Candlewood Lake. FirstLight claims that Arpaia essentially trespassed on their property because they were in violation of the issued permits and the new structures went way beyond the scope of those permits.

The couple claims that the boundary line between their property and FirstLights' property was vague and that FirstLight failed to clarify that distinction until the outdoor amenities were already built. The CT Supreme Court's ruling upheld previous lower court decisions.

I must say, Mindy and I have cruised past Arpaia's home many times over the last six years on our pontoon boat, and it is remarkable. Whenever we invite friends out for a cocktail/dinner cruise and they're new to Candlewood Lake, Donatella's beautiful home is part of the tour.

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