The battle between residents of the other towns that border Candlewood Lake and New Fairfield is heating up.

Fact #1 - According to New, New Fairfield has approved a program to use chemicals to combat both the continuing milfoil issue and the blue/green algae issue. A company called Solitude Lake Management has drawn up a comprehensive seven page document describing where and how they would place the chemicals to fight Eurasian Milfoil and the blue/green algae.

Fact #2 - Fairfield town officials who support it has lead to a Notice of Public Hearing on Thursday, March 2 at 7pm at Meeting House Hill School. Representatives from Solitude Lake Management will be there to answer questions and explain their strategy.

According to, there is a petition circulating that claims New Fairfield would be poisoning the lake by using these chemicals. The petition also states that not working with the Candlewood Lake Authority to improve the health of Candlewood Lake is misguided.

Petitioners who are against New Fairfield using 60 acres of herbicides and up to 150 acres of algaecides claim that those chemicals will poison the lake. New Fairfield First Selectman, Susan Chapman told the NewsTimes:

We are not poisoning the water. The herbicide we'd use has been used in lakes all over Connecticut and the country.

Chapman went on to say the proposal has been well thought out and the company they're working with has a proven track record. If you would like to find out all the facts concerning the town of New Fairfield's proposal, show up at Meeting House Hill School on March 2 at 7pm.

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