It was lights, camera but no action.

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Thankfully there was no action because the root of the problem may have been high gas levels. Last night I was peering down the road to Main Street from my bedroom and saw a familiar sight, police lights.

Usually, the lights are gone pretty quick but when they linger, I take notice. They did remain a bit longer, right around the area of the Salvation Army. This was of particular interest to me because it's the same section of Main Street where a Hat City church lost its home to a fire recently.

I asked my wife who is connected on a lot of local Facebook groups and she said she'd read something about a gas leak. So, this morning (4/12/22), I reached out to my contact at the Danbury Police Department, Sgt. John Krupinsky who told me:

"I was off but I got a text that the Danbury Fire Department found high levels of gas after people reported smelling it. So, that is why the Fire Department ordered the street closed."

When I passed the scene this morning, police vehicles were still in the area, along with an Eversource truck.

We will be sure to share more information as we get it here, and on the Ethan and Lou Morning Show.

Lou Milano
Lou Milano

Maybe I should stop the car, get out and take a picture next time? Probably not, I don't want to be the moron pointing something at the police in the middle of the night. That is just common sense, and I do have some.

UPDATE: Danbury PD says the gas smell was coming from the area of 141 Main Street which is a bar called "Fajitas and Margaritas." 

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