On March 9, 2022 there was a fire in Downtown Danbury at the Bethel Church. The Bethel church in Danbury is a small storefront in the area of the Salvation Army on Main Street.

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The next day, the aftermath was shared in a Youtube video, along with a request for help. The video was shared with the following text attached:

"This GOFUNDME has been created as an initiative from me in a genuine desire to help support our friends and local congregants of the Bethel Church in Danbury, Connecticut, during a time of great grief and sadness.

In no way or manner did they ask me to do this. They are incredibly kind and generous people who help anyone they encounter with need. They are messengers of hope, and today they need our help!

Donate now https://gofund.me/6c8c4edc Last night a local Connecticut congregation and community were impacted by a fire to their building. As a few were rehearsing for an upcoming event, smoke erupted from an unknown location. The Bethel Church on Main Street in Danbury, CT has burned down and everything within it was destroyed in less than an hour due to fire.

As you can see in the video, the fire has destroyed all their furniture, appliances, sound and video and audio equipment, musical instruments, children's items, etc. etc. It has taken years for this church community to build to where they were twenty four hours ago, and as you can imagine, they are devastated.

This church and congregation has been a lighthouse and place of healing for many in the Danbury community and adjacent Connecticut residents who go to worship there. They have helped provide basic needs and support to many needy families regardless of the financial limitations churches are facing during the pandemic.

Today they URGENTLY NEED your support. A GO FUNDME has been created to help the Danbury Bethel Church support their transition as they seek to rebuild from scratch so they can continue on their mission to serve and strengthen families within Danbury and local Connecticut residents. Thank you for your thoughtful consideration."

I could see the police and fire activity from my bedroom window the night of the fire and I must say, this could have been much worse if not for the brave and prompt work of Danbury's Police and Fire Departments.


They were there in a hurry and prevented what could have been a widespread fire that had the potential to takeout more than one facility..

Photographer Captures the True Grit of Downtown Danbury in Black + White

Recently, I was scrolling through my Instagram feed when I came across a page I’d seen before, one I really enjoy. It’s called @danburystreets

All the posts from @danburystreets tell and intimate and gritty story, portraying life in the Hat City for its reality. If you look at the body of work as a collective, you’ll see good, bad, passion, hurt, anger, commerce and an identity crisis in the streets of Danbury, at least that is what I see.

@danburystreets is run by Renato Ghio of R Media. I knew he was behind it, and it had slipped my mind. So, when I reached out to ask permission to use the photos, I was delighted to get a response from someone I know, and like. Renato said he’d be honored to have his page featured, and provide insight on his work. 

Inside the Holding Cells and Grand Rooms of Danbury's Fairfield County Courthouse

One of Danbury's most significant buildings is the vacant courthouse on Main Street. I took a tour of it recently and captured images to share with you. This is a look at the judge's chambers, inside the holding cells and around the grand courtroom of the Fairfield County Courthouse. 

Danbury Officials Throw Parade for UFC Champ + Hat City Resident Glover Teixeira

Glover Teixeira had already met with the new Mayor Elect and was swarmed by fight fans and Hat City residents in Roger Park. All that was left to do was an official parade and ceremony for the public which took place on Sunday November 14, 2021. Flanked by local officials Glover took a ride down Main Street to Rogers Park where he was gifted a plaque commemorating his victory over Jan Blachowicz. 

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