Students at the Ridley Lowell technical schools, including the Danbury campus, attended classes yesterday (April 4) with no indication that anything was wrong.

By the end of the day, they were in full scramble mode as the school announced it was shutting down all campuses immediately and permanently.

According to NBC Connecticut, the school sent a letter to students saying that the federal government "withdrew recognition of its accreditor, ACICS" and that the school has suffered "severe and operational challenges" since the recognition was withdrawn.

That was little comfort to the many students that were just about to graduate. The school's closing has apparently left it up to the students to find another school, get their credits transferred, and figure out either payment or forgiveness of their student loans. There are some links on Ridley Lowell's website directing students towards answers, but making it pretty clear that they are on their own.

A spokesman from the Connecticut Office of Higher Education told the News-Times that the State was working with Porter and Chester Institute and Lincoln Technical to accept transfers. About 150 students in CT were affected. Ridley Lowell had campuses in Danbury and New London, as well as Poughkeepsie, NY and Warwick, RI.

Our hearts go out to the students who should have merely been looking forward to graduation and now have to deal with a pretty major curve ball.

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