Venice Restaurant & Pizza in Ridgefield was the scene of a car crash yesterday afternoon. Police, via the CT Post say and SUV crashed into and partially through a rock wall outside of the Ridgefield eatery. Witnesses say the driver was an elderly woman and an ambulance arrived on scene at about 1:22 pm. From photos floating around the internet, it looks a lot like the stone wall kept the car from crashing into the building itself.

Hopefully the driver is alright and should they need recovery, they have a speedy one. I think in most cases like this, you end up finding out the person went for the brake and hit the gas. There's a panic inducing moment right there because I feel like your instincts fail you at that moment and instead of being able to get your foot on the right pedal in a fraction of a second you double down on the gas. It's just too short of a moment to gather the correct information from your brain.

Here's a similar type driving panic moment, a bee lands on your eyelid. I have had this happen and thankfully I am here to tell the tale but it was touch and go there for a minute. There's also the rogue cigarette butt, for one reason or another the butt lands in your lap, your privates are set ablaze and the car starts driving itself. #1970'sproblems

Keep your head on a swivel out there, you may be in control out on the roadways but that's not your biggest concern when driving, it's the other drivers. You never know whose eyeball has been invaded by a bee, whose lap is burning with the sweet tobacco flavor of the south or who mixed up brake and gas.



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