'Rent The Chicken' may sound absurd, but it's the real deal.

The 'Rent The Chicken' business started up in Pittsburgh, PA back in 2013 according to agdaily.com. and it continues to grow. Why would you want to rent a chicken one may ask? The simple answer is fresh eggs every day. If you've ever had fresh eggs, you know exactly why some people will lay out the cash.

Farmer Joe's Gardens, LLC in Wallingford is the chicken trendsetter here in Connecticut. They will rent and deliver two egg-laying hens throughout most of Connecticut, but it is a bit more involved.

According to ctinsider.com., starting in April of 2020, Farmer Joe's Garden will begin delivering chickens for free within a 50-mile radius of their Wallingford farm. The distance from Danbury to Wallingford is approximately 51 miles so if you're craving fresh eggs, give Joe's Garden a call at 203-265-0696 for chicken delivery clarification.

Connecticut rental prices range from $450 to $650 and include the predator-proof portable coop, two egg-laying hens, feed, and phone and web-chat support. For every single detail about renting chickens, click on rentthechicken.com.


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