On Tuesday (6/23/20), fed up with all the rules on one of the Danbury, CT Facebook pages, I started my own. Today, I jump on the CT Reddit page and like internet magic, they are talking about this very thing. The thread was started Tuesday night with the headline; "Every CT Town Has a Facebook Page This Week."

A lot of solid work was done here in this thread and I am loving it. From the delicious screen names to the use of "butt hole" this was a cornucopia of entertainment here, so thank you to all who contributed. I also learned some things, from what I am reading here, I am both the problem and the solution. I started my page out of sheer spite and as a backlash to the other Danbury page. The Group I formed Tuesday (6/23/20) is called "The REAL Danbury, CT Group" and this is my page description:

This is a general discussion page for people who live in or love Danbury, CT. This page has no rules, just friendly suggestions, please no hate speech. I am of the belief that should you choose to ignore that suggestion the other members will put you in your place. This is a self regulating community as are all communities. This page also comes in direct response to one in particular that apparently thinks they are a news organization. That page has way too many regulations and thwarts free speech. Enjoy, like, share, love. #D-Block

One of my first posts on the page addressed my issue with the other page:

I started this group as a spite maneuver against another Danbury page. It's worth noting that the page I had no problems with kicked me out immediately. They must have thought I was attempting to spite them. I have no problems with you Danbury CT, it's the other one. Just so we are clear on things, you were never the issue. I do some of my best work when I'm being spiteful and this will be the greatest spite page in the history of spite pages.

It must have struck a chord with some people in Danbury who had the same frustrations, because the group had almost 400 members in less than 24 hours which is pretty good I assume. I'm really excited about it until, ya know, I get excited about something else. At that point I won't care so much about this.

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