Recreational marijuana could become a reality in Connecticut.

There's good news out of Hartford for the people of Connecticut who enjoy the recreational effects of cannabis. According to, the Appropriations Committee voted 27 to 24 to explore the possibilities of selling recreational marijuana.

What's next? The bill will be headed to the General Assembly where a plan will need to be developed for regulating the drug. That may take up to 5 or 6 months to accomplish.

The obvious upside to legally making recreational marijuana available is the money it could bring to Connecticut's coffers, an estimated minimum of $45 million. Let's take a look at the pros and cons of legalized weed, according to

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  1. Tax Revenue
  2. Product Regulation
  3. Easier for Medical Marijuana User to Obtain


  1. DUIs - People stopped in Oregon with cannabis in their system doubled when pot was legalized.
  2. Public Conduct - There is really no public place to smoke marijuana.
  3. Remaining Uncertainty - Since this would be a new concept, it would be a learn as you go. What will be the longlasting effects of smoking weed?

Here are Connecticut Governor Daniel Malloy's thoughts on legalizing marijuana when asked back in November of 2016. Is he for or against?

There will most likely not be an update regarding legal weed in Connecticut until around October, but you can count on us to deliver that update as soon as it happens. By the way, what is your stance on making marijuana legal for recreational use?

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