It’s no secret that for better or worse, mental patients being treated at Fairfield Hills State Psychiatric Hospital in Newtown were subject to everything from psychosurgery like frontal lobotomies, electric shock therapy, hydrotherapy, drug shock therapies, and all kinds of other drug treatments with varying results, sometimes even death.

The population of over 4,000 people, at any given time, was housed within 16 different buildings from its opening in 1931 and when the institution’s doors were closed in 1995.

The facility was built with underground tunnels connecting the buildings. They enabled staff to move the population from building to building with ease and less risk. The tunnels also connected all buildings to the on-campus morgue, or the Yale Laboratory, where corpses were held. But what happened to the corpses after being held in the morgue? If there were no family members to claim the deceased, as was frequently the case, we presume from this recent video discovery that they likely were cremated on site at the incinerator facility. Watch the video that friend of the show, Mark Passero Jr, recently shot. Let us know what you think.

In the video of the Fairfield Hills Hospital Incinerator compound, you'll see the stretcher labeled "incinerator" and what appears to be the psychiatric hospital's crematorium:

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