Close to 6,800 Connecticut youths have suffered from disabling concussions in the 2016-2017 school year.

According to an article in the Patch, after his 13th concussion, UCONN starting quarterback, Casey Cochran decided that he was done with football. Why? A 235-pound linebacker tackled Casey head on and he went down hard, his head bouncing off the turf. Casey described what that was like,

When I regained consciousness, I knew I was on the ground. My head was seized with tremendous pressure, and that same awful, familiar depression from previous head injuries came over me — like a dark heavy blanket, swallowing me up.

Are Casey Cochran's circumstances the norm for the thousands of young men who play football? The answer is not likely. Concussions can happen in any sport, not just football, and are not always caused by direct blows to the head.

Is it safe to let your child play a sport where he or she has the chance to get a concussion or maybe two or three? Get the facts on Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy better known as CTE, by clicking on

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